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I love children's books.  I'm the owner of Tinlids, a Canadian wholesaler of books for schools and public libraries.  Finding the right book for every customer is the best part of my job!  

What's with the 'mudpuddle' in the title of my blog?  Well, it's a story about what happened to me when I was eight years old, wearing a new red coat, playing outside at recess, and a mud puddle that in my memory was as big as a small pond, very mucky, and off limits.  But when the bell rang for us to go inside, I stayed behind and walked right into the middle of the puddle.  I couldn't believe how thick and squishy and fun it was to be in all that water and muck.  Until my boots got stuck and I couldn't lift them out. And my arms started doing this whirligig move and I fell, landing flatly on my back staring up at the sky while the mud seeped into my already long tangled mess of hair.  I had thoughts of cowboys in quicksand which were quickly squashed by what my mother would say when she saw me.  It was a long walk home. 

When I was trying to name my blog, the memory of that day came back.  It was a surprising memory, so I took it as a sign.  That mud puddle was fun at first, but it was hard work walking through it.   Oh I forgot to mention - I did cry as I laid there.  It's not like I was laughing. Did I mention my lovely red coat was cloth?   

I won't blather on about how that incident shaped me, but I do think we all have our mud puddle moments.  Fun at first, some hard work, and very messy. But as bad as it seems, at least there's a story.....

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